General Buisness Conditions

The Company Knight Tent Dichtl has their Seat in D-94154 Neukirchen v.Wald.

Orders only in writing, by fax or E-Mail.

Offers and Prices: Our Offers always takes place subject to changed. Prices comprice the lawful VAT it.

The lawfull VAT current on the delivery day is valid provided no other prices were arranged with us, the current prices are valid on the day of the order.

Delivery against COD or prepayment remittance. The Ware remains our property up to the complete payment. With Cancellation of given jobs, a cancellation charge is raised in height of 25% of the purchase Price. Jurisdiction is Passau.

Manufacture to customers spedifications cannot be canceld. Manufacture to customer specifications only against written job with statements over dimensions and qualities. We produce a cost estimate. The Job comes about with the confirmation.

Delivery time: approximately 4-6 weeks. Delivery postponements are no reason for damages claims. We do our best. Please have understanding for waits if necessary. The Ware is only manufactured on your order after your wishes. With not availability, you get information for a short time.

Shipping: Postage and Package go to loads of the Customer. Self Collection at our headquarters is possible. Returns at us must take place house freely.

For liability and succession damages with the use of articles from our delivery programm we cannot pay, since cannot be overseen a proper business and use of us.

Complaints must take place within 10 Days (Postmarks) . For improper treatment, we adopt not liability. The Tent must clean before packing and dried to avoid about damages at the material. With complaints replaces or repair the defective parts we.

Our tents are from pure Cotton and water rejects impregnated. In Order to get the water rejecting layer, the Tents must be impregnated from the time to time again.

Light or brownish stains is impregnation backlogs, tha is no complaint reason. Since the Tents are a nature product, powerful colors can  "ausbluten". Trough handicraft causes easy deviations doesn´t impari the quality of the Object.

We keep technical alterations us before, since our articles of a consecutive improvement and development are subservient.

With Change of Material, tariff-wages, etc keeps us a price-adaptation we before. With appearance of the new price list, all previous prices become invalid.